NFC Member 100LL Fuel Discount

All NFC Members are entitled to enjoy reduced 100LL pricing at the NFC fueling station. NFC Member discounts are determined at point of sale by our fuel terminal card reader.

How so? When your credit card is swiped/entered in to the terminal kiosk, the terminal first looks for at match (name and last 4 digits on card) in its database, before re-setting pricing. If the card info matches a pre-registration, the terminal immediately resets the pump pricing to the current discounted NFC Membership pricing before you pump any fuel. Easie Peasie.

It gets even better. NFC Members may pre-register as many VISA/MCs as they want.

So here’s what is needed for us to pre-register your credit card(s):

(1) You must be a NFC Member in good standing.

(2) Your name. (exactly as appears on the card)

(3) Last 4 digits (only) on the card.

(4) Complete the easy on-line registration form below.

That’s it. It doesn’t get much easier to gain access to inexpensive 100LL avgas. We’ll take it from there, then shoot you an email after your stuff has been uploaded to our terminal.

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