Nanaimo Flying Club      -Membership-

Consider membership in our superb flying club. Far more than just a place to get some 100LL avgas or tie-down an aircraft. We are a social flying club, one to enjoy.

Have questions? Contact our excellent membership dudette Carla Kalke here, or (604)767-1823. She will most likely have an answer for you (or) jes fuggedabouwdit… go straight for the application form:

on-line application form

download nfc application

NFC Membership

initiation fee: $100

annual dues: $154

nfc membership includes:

supporting general aviation

supporting recurrency training

supporting copa flight ’91’

supporting inexpensive 100ll

interesting fly-out’s

nfc truancy squadron

general meeting guest speakers

regular social events

other social/flying events

daily hangar flying

discounted 100LL avgas

aircraft tie-downs

use of clubhouse facilities

option to rent a cessna 172

option to hold elected office

option to lease hangarage

runway lights plugged back in

                                   just kidding!

NFC Membership is only $154/calendar year. (taxes-included)

You can even pay on-line at our members page

Want to join us mid year sometime? Good News!

To show our tangible appreciation for your support, we’ll even pro-rate your NFC membership dues for the initial year at only $13/month on any remaining months.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
fee 100 100
dues 154 143 130 117 104 91 78 65 52 39 26 13
total 254 243 230 217 204 191 178 165 152 139 126 113

All applications received (plus applicable payment) are presented to our general membership at the next meeting. Discussion and a nomination motion to accept applications will be made during this meeting.

We expect you to attend.

An excellent opportunity to introduce yourself and we get a chance to brag up on why you made the great choice to join in with the fun-loving gang at the Nanaimo Flying Club!

Joey? Have you ever seen a grown man naked? -Airplane!

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Current 100LL Pricing

NFC Members pay $2.30/litre

Non-member price $2.55/litre

Monthly ‘Fly-In’ Brunch

Our "Inter Flying Club Brunch" held the 1st Saturday of each month, all pilots & guests are invited to join-in!        more...

NFC General Meetings

"3rd Sunday" of every month. COPA 'Flight 91' also meets at this time. Both are open to all pilots & Guests.     more...

NFC Clubhouse Events

We are social aviators and we regularly "organize" clubhouse and flying events.       more...

NFC Truancy Squadron

It's a nice day, you're thinking of skipping 'whatever is is' and go flying instead?       more...

NFC eNotifications

NFC news or announcements now available direct to you by email. Select your "choice" of which 'eNotifications' are sent.

nfc eNotifications