It’s been quite a controversial year, hasn’t it? But much progress was made. Let’s examine some of the tangibles…

– Social & Aviation Aspects –

01 Ray Erhart Memorial Bursary Awarded to Tessa Ferneybough

12 1st Saturday of the Month Inter Flying Club “Fly-In” Brunches

12 Mid-Month “Hump Day” BBQ/Breakfast/Brunches

02 Clubhouse Pancake Breakfasts

06 Clubhouse Impromptu BBQ/Lunches

01 Blue Hawaii Wedding Reception

01 Women in Aviation Tour/Brunch

02 Pool/Poker/Darts Evenings

02 NFC Member Remembrance Events

46 Truancy Squadron Fly-Outs

04 Fly-Outs to Vargas/Nootka Islands

01 Fly-Out to Friday Harbour

02 Air Cadet GroundSchools

01 Airman Re-Currency Seminar

01 Glider Re-Currency GroundSchool

01 Hosted BC 99′s Poker Run Stop

01 Snowbirds at the NFC

01 AirCadet Annual Ceremonial Review

01 Clubhouse Christmas Party

– Clubhouse Improvements –

Kitchen Cabinets Re-Painted

Both Bathrooms Re-Painted

Both Storage Rooms Organized

Hangar Cleaned & Purged of Sundry Storage

New Heating Oil Tank Installed

Power Outage Clubhouse Access Installed

Emergency Stop Button on Fuel Pumps Installed

Dishwasher replaced with new/donated Dishwasher

Cement Barricades removed from Rear of Fuel Storage Building

Upper Clubhouse Decking Power Washed & Re-Painted

Ramp Asphalt Cracks Re-Sealed

KeyFob Clubhouse Entry Eliminated

Built 2 New Picnic Tables/RefinishedExisting Tables

Donated Equipment Storage Shed Set-Up

New Lighting in Hangar Bathroom Installed

Broadband Modem Relocated for Access

Installation of Timer Control for Meeting Room Electrical Heaters

Clubhouse Meeting Room Roof Leak Repaired

– Operational Improvements –

Fuel Terminal Telephone Line Eliminated

Elimination of Credit Card Charges using NFC Debit Card

NFC Banking Institution Changed

Member Contact Records Updated

Member Past Dues/Parking Fees Issues Corrected

Bookeeping Records Improved with Entry Details

Bookeeping Records Improved to Permit Timely Automatic Billing

Direct to All Member NFC eNote News Dissemination Implemented

Brand New WP Website Implemented

– Club Membership Growth –

22 New Members joined the NFC in 2013

2013 is also a banner year for Total NFC Membership

– Club Dues & Finances –

2014 Annual Dues remain at $120/year

2014 Annual Tie-Downs remain at $360/yr $420/yr c/w hydro access

2014 Hangar Rental Rates Now Normalized

$1000 awarded to Tessa Ferneybough (Ray Erhart Bursary)

NFC Social Fund is healthy and growing

NFC Contingency Funds healthy & growing

NFC Savings Funds healthy & growing

2013 was the NFC’s most profitable -EVER-

– Purchase of a Club Owned Rental Aircraft –

1978 C-172 100SMOH $36K, $16Kdown, balance at NO interest

Budgeted at 10 Rental Members – Actual 13 Rental Members

Budgeted 4hrs/yr/member – Actual Commitment 10hrs/yr/member

Budget Target to have C-172 100% Paid in 3yrs – On Track

– John Lovelace Century Flight –

Successfully Lobbied to Host 2014 Century Flight

Century Flight expected to bring ~150Aircraft to NFC in July 2014

– NFC Board, Executive & Core Volunteer Efforts –

The NFC’s 2013 Executive & core group of volunteers worked hard on behalf of the club… 2014’s Executive (mostly the same folks) plan to carry on implementing progressive improvements to the NFC, promoting GA throughout the area, all while keeping the cost of 100LL as low as possible.

– NFC Member Feedback –

What say you? Your opinions matter. The 2013 Executive have implemented a mechanism for you to grade their efforts. Let them know what you think. Please participate! Take this opportunity to pass on your thoughts. Do it here:

performance survey

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Current 100LL Pricing

NFC Members pay $2.45/litre

Non-member price $2.60/litre

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