Canadian Snowbirds at the Nanaimo Flying Club

The Canadian Snowbirds are scheduled to be at the NFC July 30-31 2013.

Arriving to perform for the C.H.I.L.D. program, the Snowbirds will be parked on taxiway Alpha both days. A Snowbirds ‘performance’ is scheduled to take place: Wednesday, July 31st.

More details (activities & performance itinerary) will be added to this website page when they are made available.

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A note from our President:

The BBQ at the Flying Club in support of  C.H.I.L.D. Foundation (Children with Intestinal & Liver Disorders)  was a huge success.

The main attraction of the day was the RCAF “Snowbirds” aerobatic team. Children mingled with crew-members and viewed Tudor aircraft up close. In addition, they loved sitting in Willie Paterson’s Navion where they got to move the joystick, watching the control surfaces respond. Ken Welte and Jeremy Howard also displayed their aircraft and especially Gordon Henne’s WW 1 Nieuport replica; it was a particular hit!

There was great support from several NFC Members. Murray Welte & Pete Myers manned the grills turning out the Bugers / Hot Dogs. We already knew Murray is an excellent Chef, but Pete has kept his culinary skills a secret up to now.  Others who pitched in to help:

Cathy, Ken, Laura and Victoria Welte

Grant and Lorraine Howatt

Darrle Schlitz

Paul Rogers

Doug and Susan Wakefield

If I have missed anyone please accept my Thanks.

The Nanaimo Airport provided a second BBQ with Burgers and all the trimmings, along with the special event tents. The airport staff including maintenance personnel all worked to make the day a success.

Thanks to everyone.

Don Crocker


Nanaimo Flying Club





“I applied to become a Snowbird, but they said I was just clowning around!”

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