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I support general aviation.  Always have and always will.

This was my first effort at creating a wordpress driven website. With respect to web design, both wordpress & I have limitations, but not many… and I’ve found wordpress to be stable, it really works well for our requirements. But the best part of the whole dealie is… it’s free.

If you represent a flying club or some other aviation organization, if you wish… I’ll make some or all of the NFC website backbone available for you to use for your own flying club.

Aside from that… If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or otherwise… well… I’m always happy to hear about them. Honest! Shoot ’em over, if it’s within my capabilities, I’ll do my best to incorporate whatever to make the NFC’s website the best possible and useful to all users. Clear skies and tailwinds everyone!

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Current 100LL Pricing

Until further advised, 100LL fuel is available to NFC Members only. Fuel uplifts limited to 100 litres and during open hours only (0930 – 1200)

NFC Members pay $2.50/litre

Monthly ‘Fly-In’ Brunch

Our "Inter Flying Club Brunch" held the 1st Saturday of each month, all pilots & guests are invited to join-in!        more...

NFC General Meetings

"3rd Sunday" of every month. COPA 'Flight 91' also meets at this time. Both are open to all pilots & Guests.     more...

NFC Clubhouse Events

We are social aviators and we regularly "organize" clubhouse and flying events.       more...

NFC Truancy Squadron

It's a nice day, you're thinking of skipping 'whatever is is' and go flying instead?       more...

NFC eNotifications

NFC news or announcements now available direct to you by email. Select your "choice" of which 'eNotifications' are sent.

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