*As a Club Rental Member and pilot you are responsible for the aircraft.*


Booking the rental aircraft is done by logging on to www.nanaimoflyingclub.org. Please refer to booking instruction hand out.

The cabinet in the hangar contains many of the items you will require for your flight: The Journey Logbook, keys for the rental aircraft, extra oil, cleaning supplies etc. Posted inside of the door, is a variety of informational bulletins, rental rate sheet, insurance details etc.

Check: *the Aircraft Status board (snag sheet) and complete the Weight and Balance and Flight ` Itinerary Form online using the club computer.
Check: *prior entries in the Logbook. Make sure the Hobbs Time and Tachometer recorded agrees with the Aircraft meters.

At the Aircraft:
Use the checklists provided for all Pre-flight, Start-up, Pre-Takeoff, Cruise, Pre-landing and Shutdown procedures.
Check current charts and publications for validity.


Complete the ‘shut down’ checklist.

On returning the aircraft to the parking stall after flight make sure:
 Aircraft is positioned correctly
 Aircraft is tied down correctly
 Master switch is ‘OFF’
 Control lock is inserted correctly
 Pitot tube cover installed
 Wheel chocks installed
 Aircraft is as clean (or cleaner) and tidy as when you got it.

Note Hobbs and Tachometer meter time

The Journey Logbook must be filled out after each flight. For each flight leg, please make accurate notations for Flight time, Air time and Hobbs time in the correct columns.

Return all items taken from the cupboard.

Report all ‘snags’ on the sheet provided on the Aircraft Status board. If a snag is of a serious nature that could affect safe flight and requires grounding of the Aircraft, then please contact the Maintenance Officer (or an Aircraft Rental Committee member) as soon as possible. (Names/phone numbers are inside front cover of the Journey Logbook.) A note should also be placed in the Journey Logbook, and a “Grounding Tag” put on the control column of the aircraft. The Maintenance Officer monitors the ‘snag reports’ and categorizes problems appropriately as to their urgency in requiring attention.

If your Aircraft rental account does not carry a credit balance, then the appropriate rental payment must be deposited in deposit box in the clubhouse. ALL rental time must be paid in full upon completion of the flight.* NO CREDIT IS PERMITTED.*


-*****insert notes specific to aircraft when purchased*****

Payment for Aircraft rental time (in advance), membership etc. may be made at Club meetings, by mail to the Club’s postal address, deposited in the Clubhouse cash box, (by cheque or money order), or preferably DIRECTLY to the Club Treasurer. Rental account statements will be made available upon request, or will be mailed to the Club Rental Member approximately every 90 days.

The Aircraft rental rate includes fuel. A ‘Club’ credit card has been located in an envelope inside the front cover of the Journey Log Book, to be used to purchase fuel for the Club Aircraft Only.
Please deposit all gas receipts in the cash box (cupboard slot) in the Clubhouse. (Note: Renter is responsible for paying for any difference in fuel price that is higher than our club member fuel rate.)

The Aircraft should always be left neat and clean for the next member. There is special windshield cleaner and toweling in the cabinet in the hangar. Make sure you take all your personal belongings with you and do not leave Club equipment stored in the aircraft.

As a Club member, you are also a co-owner of the Club Aircraft, and as such you will be expected to do ‘your share’ in helping maintain the Club assets. From time to time as required, a work party of volunteer Club Rental Members will be called upon to perform clean up duty of washing, waxing, vacuuming etc. of the Club aircraft. Also, the Maintenance Officer may call on you for help when performing maintenance. Please make yourself available when called, so we can all contribute to this common property.

The general intent of the Aircraft Rules and Regulations and Operating Procedures is to maintain safe and unified flying practices, minimize risk to the Club Aircraft and its passengers, and foster friendly co-operative use of common property. Deliberate contravention of these regulations places fellow members in the confrontational position of playing the role of enforcement officer, instead of having fun and enjoying the benefits of Club membership. Your co-operation in adhering to the basic principals outlined in the co-ownership of this Club Aircraft is appreciated.


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