NFC Aircraft Aquisition Proxy

If an NFC Member in good standing is unable to be present at April’s General Meeting, they may use this proxy voting process to make their views available at the up-coming NFC April 21, 2013 General Meeting.

NFC Aircraft Proxy Vote

I am a NFC Member in good standing. I am unable to be present at the NFC April General Meeting. NFC Executive may pass on and assign my proxy vote to be used AND recorded as my vote at this April 2013 General Meeting, as in favour of a aircraft purchase OR not in favour of an club owned aircraft.
  • I understand my VOTE to be used and cast for or against the motion to purchase a club owned aircraft.
    I understand that the motion FOR or AGAINST has yet to be presented. I also understand that the NFC Executive will collect all on-line proxies, and then pass them on to NFC Members either generally in favour of a club owned aircraft, or generally NOT in favour of a club owned aircraft. MY VOTE for or against should be used and counted as such.

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NFC Members pay $2.45/litre

Non-member price $2.60/litre

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