The NFC offers a club aircraft for rent. (recreational purposes only) use. To be eligible, you must be a NFC Member in good standing, then apply to be a ‘Club Rental Member’.

Article I – Club Rental Member

1.  Application – complete and sign the Club Rental Member Application.

2.  Rental Fee – an annual rental fee will be charged to the Rental Members to cover annual fixed costs for maintenance, insurance, asset capitalization and depreciation. This fee will entitle the NFC member to rent the club’s aircraft. This is a non-refundable annual fee that is set by the Aircraft Rental Committee.

3.  Licensing – you must provide a copy of:

        A)  Valid Canadian Private Pilot License showing up-to-date medical and training.

        B)  Membership in COPA for Insurance purposes.

4.  Check Ride – At all times there will be three designated “Check Pilots” in the NFC membership. Once an application is received and reviewed by the Aircraft Rental Committee, contact information for the Check Ride pilots will be given to the applicant. A new Club Rental Member will be required to contact a designated Check Pilot and arrange a check ride in the Rental Plane. The cost for the check ride will be the responsibility of the applicant at the current rental rate.

Once the application has been signed by a designated Check Pilot, it will be approved by the ARC and payment will be required for the annual rental fee and first block of 4 hours of flight time.  The new Club Rental Member will then be given a log-in to access the online booking calendar and book flight times in the rental plane.

Article II – Reservations

1. All flying time shall be scheduled in advance by booking the Aircraft with the Club’s current reservation booking provider as indicated in the Operational Procedures.

2. It is the responsibility of the Club Rental Member scheduling the reservation to cancel as soon as possible if they are unable to keep the reservation and to notify any other Club Rental Member that is on stand-by that the aircraft is available.

3. You may only have a maximum of three bookings in the calendar at any time.

4. No Club Rental Member shall keep the Club aircraft beyond the time scheduled, unless due to circumstances beyond their control e.g. unserviceability of aircraft or weather related problems. You must call a member of the ARC if you are delayed.

5. All flying time shall be paid for in advance by purchasing blocks of time and maintaining a positive balance in your account.

6. Current Rental Rates are determined and published by the ARC.

Article III – Pilot in Command

1. The NFC Club Rental Member shall remain ‘Pilot in Command’ (PIC) when the Club’s Aircraft is in their care and custody.

2. All flying shall be conducted in accordance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs), Local/Club Aircraft Rental Rules & Regulations, and the Aircraft Flight Manual.

3. For Club Rental Members to maintain PIC status, a 180-day currency is required, with a minimum of three (3) take-off and landings during this period. Renewal of flying status will be at the discretion of the NFC check pilot in consultation with the Aircraft Rental Committee and may include a further check ride, with a minimum of three (3) take-off and landings.

Article IV – Flight Rules

1. The PIC shall check previous entries in the Journey Logbook to ensure the starting hourly Hobbs meter time and Tachometer reading are correct.

2. The PIC shall complete the Weight and Balance and Flight Itinerary form provided on the NFC Website and submit online prior to take-off.

3. The PIC shall use designated pre-flight, pre-takeoff, cruise, pre-landing, & shut-down checklists.

4. A NavCanada VFR flight plan or a Flight Itinerary is required for all cross-country flights.

5. In the event of damage to the Aircraft, the PIC is responsible for reimbursement to the Club of all related costs NOT covered by insurance, such as the deductible portion of the insurance policy. If insurance is VOID due to any illegal acts, including contravention of the Air Regulations (CARs) by the PIC or his passengers, responsibility would include the Aircraft hull at insured value, and any third party liability associated with the damage. The PIC will not be liable for damage to the Aircraft due to mechanical malfunction, unless the damage can be directly attributed to significant pilot error by the PIC at the time of damage.

6. The Nanaimo Flying Club will not be responsible for any personal costs incurred by the PIC or passenger(s) for meals, lodging or alternate transportation if any disruption of the original intended itinerary should occur.

Article  V – Logging Time

1. Flying time shall be computed for each flight with the aid of the Hobb’s Meter, or a working clock if the Hobbs Meter is unserviceable.

2. Tachometer reading shall be recorded for comparison purposes.

3. The duration of each flight shall be computed from starting engine until the engine is stopped for parking, and recorded in the appropriate column in the journey logbook.

4. It is the Club Rental Member’s own responsibility to keep accurate current accounting of the funds paid to the Club for flying time. The Club’s volunteer Treasurer will provide confirming documentation on request.

Article VI – Prohibited Types of Flying

1. All flying in the Club aircraft is to be done in strict accordance with the existing Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs), Local and Club Aircraft Rental Rules and Regulations, and as detailed in the Aircraft Flight Manual.

2. No Aerobatics.

3. No Member shall use the Club Aircraft while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. Determination as to whether the Member was under such influence or not shall be determined by the Aircraft Rental Committee Member(s), and their decision shall be final. Any member found guilty of violation of this regulation shall be referred to the NFC Executive for further action.


1. The above Aircraft Rental Rules and Regulations shall be policed by the entire membership. All complaints and any suggestions shall be filed with a member of the Aircraft Rental Committee and/or Club Executive, at the next regular meeting of the Club. Upon receipt of such complaint/suggestion, the ARC or Club Executive will take appropriate action. Any Club Rental Member in violation of CARs or the existing Rules and Regulations shall constitute cause for immediate grounding, and any Member so grounded shall remain as such until further action is taken by the Aircraft Rental Committee and/or Club Executive.

2. Changes in or amendments to these Rules and Regulations may be effected only by the majority vote of the general membership, the Club Executive and/or the Aircraft Rental Committee at a regular or special meeting called for such purpose.

3. Active Club Rental Members of the Club shall receive a copy of amendments to these Aircraft Rental Rules and Regulations.


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