NFC GVBA Aircraft Rental Redirect Page


NFC Rental Aircraft Bookings, Rental Schedule, Rental User Accounts and Aircraft Weight & Balance pages are for NFC Rental Users only.

but… thanks for playing…

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Current 100LL Pricing

Until further advised, 100LL fuel is available to NFC Members only. Fuel uplifts limited to 100 litres and during open hours only (0930 – 1200)

NFC Members pay $2.50/litre

NFC Member Login Portal
NFC RC Member Options

Access* to NFC rental aircraft pages is available only to NFC RC (Rental Club) Members.

Access to:   (( *rc content* ))   requires a NFC RC account.

 (( *rc schedule* ))

 (( *rc contact list* ))

 (( *rc member accounts* ))

 (( *rc w & b calculator* ))

 ramp check readiness

 cessna 172m poh