NFC members… you are invited you to attend the Pinning service of the Duke of Edinburgh Silver medal to Sgt. Victoria Welte by Lorraine Howatt*. On Nov 20,2014 at 1800 hours (Please be in and seated by 6:00 pm) at the Nanaimo Military base Armory (719 Nanaimo Lks, Nanaimo, BC V9R 5J9)

Back ground on Victoria and her Silver qualifications:

Duke of Edinburgh program stats: 159 females qualified for their Silver medal in the BC Yukon Region in 2013.   This is only the 2nd Silver that the Nanaimo Air Cadet squadron has produced in the last  7 years. The stats show that this is a significant qualification

15 year old Victoria is the Drum Major for 205 Nanaimo Air Cadets (one of the youngest Drum Majors in Canada).  She  is the official trumpeter for the Nanaimo Air cadets as well as; Nanaimo Korean Veterans association, Harewood Legion and Lantzville Legion.  On top of being the Drum major at cadets, she is a sports and fitness instructor, and an academic instructor.  She attended a 3 week band camp for her first cadet summer camp, completing the camp as both the youngest cadet as well as the top Cadet.  She attended a 6 week band camp this year. Were she was selected to be one of only 6, and the only female, trumpeter at the BC legislature to play last post during the Ceremony of the Flags.

To obtain her Silver qualification, Victoria completed over 60 hours of community volunteer service. 60 hours of sport and fitness, an adventure journey of Canoeing in Strathcona Park, and for her skills requirement she plays the Piano as well as the Trumpet. This is twice the requirements to qualify for the Silver.

Victoria is a grade 10 student at Aspengrove school, where she excels academically, as well as a peer leader and big sister to younger students.

Victoria is currently enrolled in the Gold category of the Duke of Edinburgh.

Victoria’s aspiration is to serve her country as a pilot officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

*Prudence Mahrer donated $7000 to the Nanaimo Cadets this summer in memory of Lorraine’s late husband Grant.

Please RSVP to:

Ken Welte

250-751-5630 Cell

604-800-7991 (Vancouver Number)


Google Map to Armory

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