Boundary Bay Airport Pic

Here are some recent updates regarding the parking situation

at the Boundary Bay Airport. Please refer to the map showing

the current parking available to any GA pilots wishing to visit

Boundary Bay.

At the moment, the parking shown on the south side of the Heritage

Hanger is not marked but smaller aircraft are welcome to park there

anytime. We hope to have the lines painted soon but we are also

involved in resurfacing the whole apron so I cannot say when the lines

will be painted.

Some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: On the FBO ramp in front of the terminal, is it permitted

to make a short stop (e.g., 5 to 10 minutes) to drop off or pick up

passengers without a fee?

Answer: 1) For passengers making a drop off/pick up, and do not

require any services from the FBO, best area would be south side of the

Heritage Hangar. If it’s an elderly client we will be more than happy to assist by

picking them up and dropping them off to the terminal and back free of

charge. We will be happy to do so.

From our previous experience majority of the clients state a “quick

drop off/pick up” however for one reason or another the aircraft ends

up being parked on the ramp for 30 min to an hour or more without us

being able to locate the client.


Question 2: If an aircraft buys fuel on the FBO apron in front of the

terminal are they allowed to park for 4 hours free?

Answer: 2) Yes, if an aircraft purchases fuel from our Full Serve

(fuel trucks), with a minimum requirement (based on aircraft type)

then we consider them as an FBO client and our fee will be waived.

They have 4 hours of complimentary free parking and after that parking fee

will be in effect.

Question 3: If an aircraft parks on the FBO apron for a period of time

(under 4 hours) without purchasing fuel or other services, how much is

the parking fee?

Answer: 3) Anyone on the FBO ramp is considered an FBO client, which

allows them access to the FBO Lounge, coffee, tea, snacks, refreshments,

full service from our staff on the ramp and inside the terminal. If no fuel

is purchased than there will be an FBO Service fee that will be based on

the aircraft type….

“Rates differ as per aircraft type: Single Engine -$15.00 + tax (this

is a flat rate and will be carried through to cover night parking as well).”

Question 4: Are there any other questions I should ask or issues that I

should be aware of before fanning out this information?

  4) Additional Info: Currently we do have landing fees for any aircraft

that is 12,500 lb and up, the fee is waived with a minimum purchase of

fuel (based on aircraft type).

Current 100LL Pricing

Until further advised, 100LL fuel is available to NFC Members only. Fuel uplifts limited to 100 litres and during open hours only (0930 – 1200)

NFC Members pay $2.50/litre

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