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I’m glad to see that these animated funnies are being translated to English. 

They were originally published in Quebec with a very Quebec French accent under the title, Tetes a Claques.

The Pilot (part 1) 1:30 ish

The Pilot (part 2) 3:10 ish

The Pilot (part 3) 3:18

Flying over water, as we often do in this part of the world, have you ever wondered how long we could last in the unlikely event of ditching – especially in the winter when the water around here seems to hover at about 10 degress Celsius (according to reports I’ve found from appropriate sources.)

This .pdf document – see the link above – should answer your questions. Fly Safe.

This award-winning documentary is now showing on Netflix. It is beautifully-filmed, showing many stomach churning aerobatic sequences from a variety of vantage points. Tighten your seatbelt and keep the barf bag handy!

Members of the Nanaimo Flying Club often discuss the costs of owning and operating VBA, our club Cessna 172. Less frequently do I hear conversations about the costs of individual ownership of an aircraft. Maybe this is because most of us are living in denial? Ha!

Here’s a link to one website where you can fill in some numbers to see the costs of ownership compared to sharing a plane through a partnership or club membership.

The only cost I don’t see represented is the capital cost. That is, the cost of having money tied up in an aircraft that depreciates, instead of sitting in a bank or other investment that pays interest or dividends of some sort. But, this is a good start. And as the author points out, “Owning your own airplane isn’t about saving money compared to renting. It’s about the freedom to leave any time, stay as long as you want, always find the plane in the condition you left it, know the plane and its maintenance history intimately and to have the opportunity to fly aircraft types that are hard to rent.”

Cost of Owning, Renting or Sharing an Aircraft

This is an excellent short film extolling the challenges and ‘thrills’ of one of aviation’s most specialized pilots (and aircraft)  – the firefighters/water bombers.

The aircraft is the Canadian designed and built CL415 featuring Pratt and Whitney turbine power. I’m not sure who this group of pilots represent, but they’re working hard!

NOTE – loud music track (if you’re viewing in an office environment…. ?)




I’d like to CONGRATULATE out going president and all round good guy Don Crocker
as well as all his season’s helpers for putting on a great
Club Christmas dinner.

You who attended know how well it went – you who didn’t well you missed a superb meal and great company.

A BIG thanks to all who cooked at home and at the clubhouse to make the evening a success.

Don has put in more hours at the clubhouse these past couple of years than I am sure he put in at home.

Just to show that we at the Nanaimo Flying Club are a cultured and enlightened lot, today’s post:


(Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris)
Even more than music, or muzak, an airport
is international, the ultimate
gated community, and if no longer
elite, at least self-sufficient.

With its intersecting spars and hightech
brushed steel, this is no one’s home:
here we are all transients, leafing through magazines,
sprawling on well-designed benches
to catch a few minutes’ sleep. It does not work.

Though heart and eye might otherwise rejoice at
the clean lines of boutiques and elegant walkways,
PA warnings, boarding announcements
remind us not to relax. At all hours we know
we are being scanned by hidden cameras,
everything’s taken care of, we are protected from contact
with every element except fear, and have nowhere to go.

Night Vision; Christopher Levenson

A note for members planning to use the NFC facilities:

The executive has granted use of the Clubrooms for the following
Boy Scouts Sunday 23 Nov 12:00 to 1500 hrs
CASARA Xmas party 13 Dec 1600 to 2300 hrs.

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