This post initially might sound like some sort of seedy dime-store, tell-all novel.  But no!  Wait. Not at all. The article from The Huffington Post shows what the flight attendant (and pilot) rest quarters look like on certain long-range aircraft.  (Note that crew members on short-haul flights enjoy no such amenities!).  But their colleagues on the ultra-long haul flights do have a small cubby-hole where they can escape for a few minutes of scheduled crew rest. This space is usually tucked away either in the belly or under-roof area of the aircraft.

As well as extra flight attendants, ultra-long haul flights usually carry at least one extra (relief) pilot.  Within the ranks, this job is called: “Dozing for Dollars.”


At the bottom of this article, there is a Factoid slide-show which purports to reveal the airlines with the Rudest Flight Attendants.  I don’t know who were the passengers surveyed to compile this list – but for what it’s worth….


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