NFC’s Privacy Policy (& the fine print one can’t normally read without wearing 4X eyeglasses) We get that you may be one of those 21st century people who are actually concerned with how we use your information. Here… no ~383,967,885 words of incomprehensible legalese weasel clauses, it’s summarized simply, in plain English.

We won’t give, sell, trade or gamble away personal info to anyone; NEVER  EVER!

We’ll also do our very best to keep your info from getting into the hands of pirates, grave-robbers, evil spider bots and especially airport management.

Then… after that, understand YOU alone… control if and what type of NFC email or events notification messages are sent to your email address.

We may use cookies to enhance your visit here. We also leave them out near the fireplace to appease the fat bearded stranger who creepily sneaks down chimneys & tries to give your children presents each year.

Information Collected by our ISP

I doubt it, but ya never know. They may employ 3rd party companies/individuals, including convicted felons or known identity thieves, to help manage our servers, databases and analytics. These 3rd parties may have access to your information only to perform those tasks, and are obligated not to disclose or use it for any other purpose. The hosting provider for our NFC website has the ability to record various pieces of info, including domain name, pages accessed, date time of access, web browser type or computer operating system and referring information. This information is stored in our server log and may be accessible to us from time to time, or by CISIS if you did something really bad and they subpoena us.


By providing information to the website such as contact info and your list of fears; you waive all rights to file complaints concerning email from this website since, by providing such information and soliciting NFC events or other aviation related notices, you already agreed to receive communication from us or even anyone else covered under this NFC Privacy Policy; including only the finest retailers of fake Viagra or Russian mail order brides. Of course you may un-subscribe anytime from NFC communications via this website indicating that you no longer wish emailed notification on really coolio things happening around the NFC. Really???  We’ll be rather sad to see you go, but we shall endeavor to remove you from our database promptly… just as soon as we return from a Mile-High flight somewhere.

Data Security

We take reasonable measures protecting your information. Security is somewhere between what most others use & the elite RCMP agents who got punted for letting undocumented Colombian hookers into the inner workings of the Prime Minister’s security apparatus. We take reasonable precautions to protect your personal data from loss,  disclosure, alteration or destruction. However, you understand and agree that the purpose of this site is to facilitate the exchange of information, and as partial consideration for viewing, communicating with, using this website in any manner, receiving  services, you waive claims of any nature against the NFC; or any others like: owners, directors, volunteers, representatives, my cat, my neighbor, my mom, or other respective deities concerning your information. Wheeeew… hard to say on one breath.

In essence, what we’re trying to say is that we care deeply about protecting your privacy, however, no security is perfect.  Please send us any questions or comments. 

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Current 100LL Pricing

Until further advised, 100LL fuel is available to NFC Members only. Fuel uplifts limited to 100 litres and during open hours only (0930 – 1200)

NFC Members pay $2.50/litre

Monthly ‘Fly-In’ Brunch

Our "Inter Flying Club Brunch" held the 1st Saturday of each month, all pilots & guests are invited to join-in!        more...

NFC General Meetings

"3rd Sunday" of every month. COPA 'Flight 91' also meets at this time. Both are open to all pilots & Guests.     more...

NFC Clubhouse Events

We are social aviators and we regularly "organize" clubhouse and flying events.       more...

NFC Truancy Squadron

It's a nice day, you're thinking of skipping 'whatever is is' and go flying instead?       more...

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