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The winning bid for a seat on an intercontinental flight aboard a famous Second World War bomber fetched almost double the asking price over the weekend.

A $79,100 bid assured someone a spot on the Avro Lancaster when it flies to England in August.  The aircraft was bought for $10,000 in 1977.  The reserve bid was $40,000. Hamilton’s Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum auctioned off the opportunity to help pay for a month-long flying tour of the U.K. alongside the Royal Air Force’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) Lancaster.  WOW What a ride!

Posted for anyone interested in attending —

Nav Canada Vancouver FIR Spring Area Operations Consultations Meeting


Dear Participant,

Good Morning,All of us at NavCanada are looking forward to meeting with everyone next week and we have finalized our agenda.  It is included below.Have a great Weekend

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U.S. & Canada:    800.747.5150
Access Code: 5984841
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Date: Wed, Apr 23, 2014
Time: 12:00 PM PDT
Duration: 5 hours
Host(s): Heather Bell


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If you have any interest in the Avro Arrow or Space Travel, you won’t want to miss this meeting!


The Parksville Qualicum Aero Club is pleased to announce that at 7 PM Tuesday May 6th; Mr. Christopher Gainor will be sharing his insights about the contribution made to NASA and the Space Race by the Avro Arrow’s Engineers and Scientists. PQAC Members as well as non-members are welcome. Optional donations at the flying club’s door are appreciated.

Please reserve your seat(s) in advance by contacting Fred Evoy at 250-248-7680 or via email, or Randy Parcels at 250-594-7273 or via email at

Christopher Gainor is a historian of technology and writer specializing in space exploration and aeronautics. He is the author of four books, and his writings have appeared in various specialty publications and Canadian newspapers.

• To A Distant Day: The Rocket Pioneers.
• Who Killed the Avro Arrow?
• Canada in Space: The People & Stories Behind Canada’s Role in the Exploration of Space.
• Arrows to the Moon: Avro’s Engineers and the Space Race.

A limited number of Chris’ books will be available for purchase.

Chris holds a PhD in the history of technology from the University of Alberta, and has taught history at the University of Victoria and at CFB Esquimalt for the Royal Military College of Canada.

His other historical interests include the United States, the Soviet Union, and Canada. Chris is also known for bringing history alive through his appearances as Sir Winston Churchill.

Chris is International Space Programs Editor for Quest: The History of Spaceflight Quarterly and he is a regular contributor to the Canadian edition of Space Quarterly.

He is Second Vice President of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, and a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society.

During his years as a journalist, Chris wrote extensively on health care and public affairs, and he won a National Newspaper Award for his work. Chris has also worked in communications in government and in the non-profit sector. He carries on his academic, writing and communications work in Victoria, B.C.

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