Here are some fantastic aeriel photos taken by Cliff Finlay of the Duncan Flying Club.  Cliff says: “The Night Train Harvard is Harry Driver’s, the Yak is Marty Howse’s and Chris McLean in his RV 6.”  Enjoy!


Hopefully we’ll see some sunshine this weekend and the sky’s will be alive with the sound of music — the music of aircraft engines that is…  Keep Alert and Watch for Traffic.



fly_safe_greeting_card-rbbb86ff45e484eefa7c4ce24eb8c4048_xvuat_8byvr_512  Fly Safe!

This past Saturday was the first Saturday in November so of course it was Brunch Day.  Andrea Trepanier assisted by Al Brust, put on a great spread.  I don’t think anyone went away hungry —


Cetainly not Ron White!  And Ron’s wife Susan seems pleased as well.

Thanks Andrea!


Grant and Andrea


“A plane is as able to fly itself about as much as the modern operating room can perform an operation by itself.”  So says Patrick Smith in his excellent website: “Ask the Pilot.”

“I am not against the advance of technology. I’m against foolish extrapolations of it.”


To read his answer to the age-old question – do airplanes fly themselves?  … or will they one day?  Click Here…


Student Glider pilots learn an emergency return to land and have a specific altitude from which they will execute this maneuver. Most student pilots of powered aircraft never receive much instruction in this at all and are merely told “land straight ahead” if the engine quits after tatkeoff.  But is there a better way?  Check out this instructional video:



This upcoming meeting will be critical for those who have strong feelings about gas — of the 100LL variety that is.  We will be reviewing the full report regarding our current fuel system and how we stand with respect to the new laws regarding fuel handling.529570_b5f6_625x1000

Don Crockett will be proposing a choice between four different options.  If we wish to continue selling fuel, Environmental Insurance is just one of the hurdles we’ll have to address.  Some quotes for this insurance come in at $12,000/year.  Apparently we only earned about half this much from fuel sales last year.  You do the math.

Another factor to consider is people-power. Properly maintaining and operating the fuel system requires several hours of volunteer effort each year.  Volunteer hours seem to be in dwindling supply around our club.  So, for those wishing to keep selling fuel please be prepared to deal with this topic.  It’s not good enough to say that “thay” should do something.  You is They.

Anyway, it promises to be an important meeting about the future shape of our club.

This Sunday, October 19 at 9 AM.

Current 100LL Pricing

NFC Members pay $2.45/litre

Non-member price $2.60/litre

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