Here’s an open invitation to GRANT’S AEON PARTY, yet he’ll be in our thoughts for many an aeon. read Grant’s obituary: HERE

As most of you are no doubt already aware, we recently lost Grant in an accident. It was unexpected, maddening, mind-numbing, tragic, inexplicable and so very sad.

Many knew Grant better than I and many others will have better anecdotes, most others could express their thoughts on the subject of Grant far better than I.  But I’ll give it a shot.

Grant was unique and special. Grant was my friend, my mentor, genuine and as Lorraine so aptly put it, “Grant was a man’s man.”

It’ll be a special celebration. Aviators that trained with Grant, flew with/for Grant, people that crossed paths with Grant outside of aviation, folks that knew & loved him… will all be there.

Want to help out in honouring the life & legacy of Grant Howatt in an appropriate and unique way? 

Great, then participate in an ‘In-Trail Fly-By’ for his friends & family.  Check it … afterwards, the Fraser Blues will be performing a ‘Missing Man’ Formation Fly-By.

Grant Howatt’s AEON Party 

Guests/Friends/Family – all invited!

Saturday, October 19th 2013 

NFC In-Trail Fly-By @  17:00 Fraser Blues Missing Man @ 17:30 

a Catered Dinner @ 18:00 

BYOB or Cash Bar ($3) @ 18:00 

Music & collective memories 19:00 – late* 

*free cabs/shuttles will be on hand to get everyone safely back to homes/hotels  

attending? nice, aeon rsvp: here

pilot in-trail fly-by rsvp: here

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