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The weatherman co-operated, and our first Fly In for 2014 was a busy one.  Several aircraft managed the trans-Salish crossing in time for a delicious brunch served up by our intrepid cooks, Joyce Clarke, Jenny Janecek, and Jim Vallance.

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Reminder: those who fly in for these events are given the NFC member’s rate on a refuel, so the line up at the pumps gets a little busy at times.  But it’s worth it.  Check out our current fuel price on the home page of our website.

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After the Air Canada Express Dash 8 blew an engine last month shortly after take off, the pilots returned to Nanaimo and the aircraft ended up at Mike Taylor’s shop (Nanaimo Maintenance) for a small “tune up.”

Mike is a certified AME on leave from Air Canada, but no – he wasn’t hired to accomplish the work.  Air Canada expressed over a new turbine and a team of specialists who pressed on through the night to get the ship back in service asap.

Mike reported that the problem involved a seizure of “the number eight bearing,” (probably due to lack of lubrication from a broken oil line.  Apparently, this is only the third time in the history of that the trusty Pratt & Whitney turbo prop engine has experienced such a failure.

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Someone sent me these contrasting photos of Ron White – Before getting airborne, and after.  Can you tell the difference?!

ron1[2] ron2[1]

Now that’s what it’s all about!

May 2014 be a year full of all the best kind of flying adventures you can imagine.


I’m still not clear on how, when and why we’ll be posting “Blogs” vs. Newsletters … but it shall be what it shall be.

Check out the Newsletter Index page for the link to the latest (finally!) AvGas update – Fall 2013 – for a recap of all that’s been going on around CYCD NFC.


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Larry Berg, longtime denizen of CYCD, flew his last departure recently.  Anyone who has spent time at the EAA Prop Wash Hotel at the south end, sharing “stories” with Larry, will miss his constant presence and gentle laughter.


So, this upcoming Wednesday (August 21st), please join us at the Larry Burger and Beer night. Come out for 6 pm.  Burgers and trimmings will be supplied.  You’ll provide your own beverages and we’ll spend some informal time sharing memories of Larry.

Call Gord Henne for more details. Pass the word to anyone who may not have yet heard of Larry’s passing. Thanks.


Although the skies were a little cloudy, and only a few brave souls flew in, that didn’t dampen the spirits of those attending the August (first Saturday of the month) fly in.

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Loraine and Grant Howatt — still working together after “all these years” — and loving it!

photo 3

Mr. Ice Cream himself, our president, Don Crocker, hard at work over a hot scoop!

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Our recently acquired C-172 VBA is ready to fly and looking for flyers. If you’ve ever run the numbers regarding the true cost of owning an airplane vs. renting, then you know what a great opportunity this is. Even owners of two-seater aircraft, such as yours truly, are considering the rental group to have access to a four place aircraft.

Contact Andrea for information.

P.S. I’ve been thinking up acronyms to match the aircraft registration. If you have any ideas you’d like to contribute, pass them along. If we get enough maybe we’ll turn it into a contest and vote for the favorites…

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