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NFC Member Ron Whyte Applies for Cherokee Mogas STC

Mogas Cherokee
C-FKDR Undergoing STC modification

The Mogas modification at the 90% completion stage. The certification authority suggests additional Bondo application and minor drag reduction prior to final review.

Due to the increase in COVID-19 spread, the NFC Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been cancelled.

Further information on matters pertaining to the election of officers for 2021 will be posted shortly.

We feel this is the best course to comply with Public Health Orders and to safeguard our Members.

Attention pilots flying in the vicinity of Nanoose Bay

The Skydive Vancouver Island organization has recently moved its operating area from overhead the Qualicum Airport (CAT4) to the vicinity of Nanoose Bay, with activity commencing June 1, 2020.
The new location is at the Arbutus Meadows Events Centre at 1515 Island Hwy E in Nanoose Bay at N49 16′ 59.77″ / W124 14′ 32.51″. (See map below).
The operating area is 2 miles in diameter and 6 miles from the Qualicum Beach Airport directly on the approach path for Runway 29 (!). For IFR approaches (CYCD & CAT4), the area is near the NANOO intersection. This jump location is along the highway between Nanoose Bay and Northwest Bay.
Skydivers can be exiting the aircraft between 2500 and 12,500 feet ASL.
Alerts will be broadcast on 122.8 at intervals of 5, 3 and 1 minutes prior to the jump and at the time of the jumpers exiting the aircraft. C-FRTN & C-FHKC are the primary jump aircraft.
Request further information at: or 250 580 5867

new skydive area

It is with profound sorrow that I report the tragic deaths of three members of the Nanaimo Flying Club. On December 10th Club members Al and Katheryn Boudreau and Alex Bahlsen were flying back from a trip to Mexico in Alex’s twin engine Piper Aerostar when the plane crashed on Gabriola Island. Al, Katheryn, and Alex were all well known and loved residents of Vancouver Island and were very active in the British Columbia flying community, including with The Nanaimo Flying Club. All three were keen members of the Club and frequented the Clubhouse between numerous flights around Western Canada and shared an obvious love of flying. Alex had extensive experience training and mentoring pilots, initially in Alberta and more recently in British Columbia, and was the check pilot for the Club’s rental plane. Al was a more recent, but no less passionate, addition to the flying community and was recently working towards obtaining his Commercial Licence. He and Katheryn owned two planes, a Cessna 172 and an amphibious Murphy Moose, both of which they enjoyed flying while using Nanaimo airport as their home base. On behalf of the Club I extend my condolences to the families and friends of these three loved, respected, and admired aviators who will be missed my many and not forgotten.
Richard Johnston
President (2019), Nanaimo Flying Club

In recognition of outstanding service to our Club, including 5 years as president, Don Crocker has been elevated to the status of
Honorary Life Member as of December 2019.
NFC is truly grateful for Don’s exceptional work.

Don Crocker accepts NFC’s highest award
from President Rick Johnston

Membership fees for 2020 can now be paid on our Members page, using the PayPal facility.
Please note that the fees for 2020 have increased slightly,
as approved at this year’s Annual General Meeting.

A tip for NFC Members who fly to YYJ (Victoria) and wish to rent a car:
National Car Rental will pick you up at the Victoria Flying Club, if you make prior arrangements with them.  After a brief stop at the YYJ terminal to do the paperwork, you’re on your way.  As a bonus, you can leave the car at VFC.  There is a 10% discount for NFC Members. F.Y.I.

The RCAF’s Snowbird team recently visited us once again.
NFC’s legendary hospitality was also present!
Check out the pictures by clicking on the ‘images’ tab and scrolling down to ‘Snowbirds 2019’ or click here.

A Word to our Pilots and Visiting Aviators

YCD is becoming a busy place. There is considerable (and increasing) commercial activity, featuring turbo-prop and turbo-jet aircraft. This traffic peaks between 1030 and 1300 local time.
IFR aircraft departing for YVR are subject to ‘flow control’ during most of the daylight hours. This is implemented by the issuance of a ‘slot time’ to each aircraft, which must then depart at that time or lose the ‘slot’.
As a courtesy to our commercial neighbours (and their passengers), please consider managing your arrival, departure or circuits so as to facilitate these operators. An extended downwind, a short diversion away from the pattern or a hold on the ground are all appreciated means of cooperation.
Other airports have instituted mandatory procedures to limit practice circuits, or even VFR operations, during busy commercial operations.
Please be aware of the heavy metal and let’s demonstrate how cooperation trumps regulation.

Denis Berube has captured many moments of life at NFC.  Go to ‘images’ and scroll down to “Denis’ Photos”. Click on the Cherokee and enjoy the trip down memory lane.
No fuel burn required. Thanks Denis!

Pilots flying to Boundary Bay (ZBB) should be aware that aircraft parking on a complimentary basis has been reduced once again.  It is now 90 minutes. Furthermore, the parking fees have been increased by $5.  If your stay exceeds this time, you will be charged as follows:

Singles  $20.00 + GST   Twins  $30.00 + GST
Additionally, as of June 2018, the doors from the Terminal to Airside are locked to prevent egress to the ramp area.  Pilots needing to return to their aircraft must seek access at the Alpha Aviation office, located at the east end of the check-in counters. This security is to prevent pilots who overstay the time limit from leaving without paying their account.  It is not the result of a Transport or NavCanada mandate.

It’s probably time to forget about this place for that $100 hamburger.

NFC is famous for the grub served up at our General Meetings
and at the world-renowned ‘First Saturday of the month Fly-ins’.

However, our over-worked volunteer baristas, cooks, clean-up gang and the Social Director are becoming fatigued.

We have more than 140 Members who could help out.  If you are one of them, please volunteer.
If we all kick in,  the workload will be much reduced.  If you know how to operate a spatula, kindly contact our Social Director, Daniel Judge, via email:

Please seriously consider helping the NFC continue with this long-standing tradition (that pilots like to eat!)

Think it’s all props and 100LL at YCD?  Well, Virginia, best you take a look at:

By the way, there are tons of NFC memories available on the images tab.
(Crayons not included)

All Piper pilots know that Cessnas are dogs, but really….

Wayne Copeland Memorial Celebration

It is with great sadness that the NFC said goodbye to our departed Member on Saturday, June 23.  Approximately 60 people attended to hear the bagpipes play, the songs sung, the poetry read and a healthy helping of Wayne’s chili.

  Rest in peace, amigo.

An Airbus A319 drops by NFC for fuel?

Naw. It’s Friday, June 22, 2018 and scheduled jet service comes to YCD, for the summer, at least.  The first Air Canada Rouge departs for Toronto on a non-stop flight. The passengers are so excited to see our Clubhouse that the pilots stop to take a photo!

Brentwood College School (Victoria) honours the son of NFC Member Jeremy Howard.

Published in the Globe and Mail, April 28th

NFC Membership Dues for 2019 are now payable.  Please renew your membership before the end of January to keep it current.  Club By-Laws do not permit fuel discounts to lapsed Members.  Remember that you have the option to renew on this website (see below). Thank you for your attention to this important matter to your Club.

Does your aircraft need avionics work done?
A new facility has opened at Boundary Bay Airport, operated by technicians with decades of experience.
The annual ELT recert can be done on a ‘while you wait’ basis.  Other services include everything from the bi-annual transponder / altimeter check through to full-panel replacements.
Your webmaster had a major upgrade performed there recently.  It was completed on-time, on-budget with excellent results and professional service throughout the project.
Canada West Avionics (ZBB)  (604) 409 8182.   Recommended.

Overnight (or longer) vehicle parking at the Club is restricted to Members only.
This is effective from Sept 10, 2017 onward.

You must display your NFC parking pass on your vehicle’s front window if you plan to leave it overnight, otherwise you risk it being towed away.

The passes are free to Club Members.  Get yours from Peter Myers (250) 756-1836.

Members can now pay their dues and/or their aircraft parking fees on-line, using this website.  Here’s how:
Go to the ‘members’ page, read the brief instructions, select the appropriate payment option and click on the ‘Buy Now’ button. Please note that a PayPal account is NOT necessary.  We ask that you use a major credit card, not a debit card.  The transaction is completed by the secure services of PayPal.  The fee for this is included in the prices shown.   Kindly note that ‘one year’ refers to the NFC calendar year (Jan 1-Dec 31).  Other parking periods may be accommodated.  Contact our Parking Director.  We hope you will find this to be a convenient, optional method to maintain your membership.

Prospective new members should visit the ‘join’ page and complete the

Effective June 1, 2017 the Tofino (CYAZ) airport remote advisory service, previously handled by Nanaimo Radio has been transferred to Hardy Radio (Port Hardy).  The frequency at Tofino remains as 123.25 MHz

The Ravenous Raven (Gillies Bay) is a great place to try for lunch or dinner.  They have extended hours in July (Tue to Sat 10 – 8 pm, Sun 10 – 3 pm).  Give them a call at 604 486 0471 and they’ll tell you how to get a ride from CYGB.  The airport has free bicycles, if you’re inclined.  It’s about 2 miles and you’ll work off your lunch on the return leg.

That ‘thing’ on the Clubhouse roof is not a UFO attractor,  not even an avian restroom.
It’s a new antenna for the Club’s aviation radio receiver.
NFC’s Radio Police will be evaluating Members for correct communications protocol.
Offenders may expect whippings with microphone cable.

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